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Herbalife services and products

Hi everyone,

Some of you will know me through curling and for those who don’t, Hi! My names Mel 🙂

We all know that our sport is exceptionally important to us. To perform at our best our body has to be at its best. We do that through nutrition and exercise. I am a Herbalife wellness coach and use the products every day. I have lost 24llbs in weight, dropped body fat, dropped 2 dress sizes, increased my hydration left, decreased my visceral fat and increased my energy levels. My fitness and energy levels have increased to a level where I am going to run the Great North Run in September this year. For those of you who know me running has never been one of my strongest disciplines.

The Herbalife brand has become a symbol of good health, vitality and wellness around the world, offering information, advice and support services, plus a range of natural nutrition products, based on the very latest advances in nutritional science, to help people who are looking to:

  • lose, gain or maintain body fat or muscle mass
  • increase fitness and sports performance
  • increase energy levels and boost health and vitality

Research has shown that successful shape change and improved performance is 80% to do with the food that the person is eating, and around 20% to do with exercise. Herbalife has been a worldwide leader in nutrition for more than 30 years and today stands at the forefront of the ‘Wellness and Nutrition Industry’ in 90+ countries. We have over 100 million documented testimonials of people who have successfully improved their health using our products, and we are also the ‘nutrition company of choice’ to over 100 professional sports teams, elite athletes and Olympic medallists worldwide, and now Global Nutrition Partner with Ospreys Rugby and Cristiano Ronaldo, working with him to develop further products in our sports nutrition range.

All Herbalife products are perfectly balanced, complete, natural and nutritious food – formulated by an incredible team of some of the world’s leading experts in human nutrition. This team of esteemed doctors, scientists and nutritionists oversee our product development, undertaking research and development to ensure that our products are at the cutting edge of human nutritional science and that our sports nutrition is tested to Olympic Standard for banned substances.

The following link provides you with information on Herbalife, the products and the business http://www.goherbalife.com/melporter/en-GB

Please take a look at your leisure and contact me if you have any question about the products or the business.

Look forward to hearing from you


Mel Porter



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