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About Us

British Curling Supplies is a family formed company that supply quality curling equipment to a wide range of curling enthusiasts, from the beginner through to the elite level athlete.

We work closely with the market leaders and aspire to provide our highest possible standard of service to supply high-quality equipment and value for money to customers on each purchase. Our expertise comes from the partners of the organisation who have a passion and history in the sport stretching back over three generations.

A wide range of the most popular products are held in stock but for those more unusual items, British Curling Supplies will make the effort to order special items by request. This often takes a little longer as it is likely to be shipped in from Canada. There may be a 3-4 week waiting time on certain products.

British Curling Supplies promotes the products of its preferred suppliers, selling only the carefully selected items for the specific market.

Ranges include:

  • Brushes from BalancePlus, Tournament, Performance, Asham, Goldline and 8 Ender.
  • Shoes from Asham, BalancePlus, Goldline and Tournament including special bespoke shoes made by Hal Moen.
  • Clothing from BalancePlus, Goldline, Asham, Fuzion.
  • Gloves, mitts and hats from Asham, Goldline, BalancePlus, and Tournament
  • Safty headgear from RibCap and Goldline
  • Accessories including rock watches and stop watches
  • Novelties and gifts, gift vouchers, fridge magnets, coasters, t-shirts, blow up rocks and key chains
  • All the gizmos, including tape, laces, anti sliders etc., toe coat and gripper crepe for replacing worn outsoles. New sheets of slider material. (Teflon)
  • Sliding aids from Stabiliser, Arrow and Edge

Customer Care

British Curling Supplies aims to provide the highest possible standard of service to our customers but recognise that there may, unfortunately, be occasions when we do not meet your expectations. When this happens it is most important that we try to resolve the issue quickly and equitably. An important part of our Complaints Policy is that all complaints you may have about our services are thoroughly investigated and remedial actions are taken where required and any lessons learned are recorded for the benefit and development of the organisation.