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Supplier of the Week: Hardline

Throughout August BCS are promoting our fantastic curling equipment suppliers. Every week we will focus on 1 of our 4 main suppliers and let you know about their top products and the great work that they are doing. If any of the products catch your eye, pop onto our website to order or get in touch with us to enquire.



Hardline is one of the newest equipment suppliers to the great roaring game, created in 2009. With it’s fresh ideas, Hardline has innovated curling equipment and brought it into the modern world. Hardline first became well known for it’s fibre brush, with new sleeve technology, which is still one of the most popular brushes on the market, almost 11 years after it’s creation.


Hardline Carbon Fibre Brush

As mentioned previously the class Hardline brush is one of the most popular on the market, and for good reason. The ultra lightweight brush makes for easier, faster and effective sweeping. The revolutionary Power-Rib grip is also a favourite with curlers, helping your hands stay in place whist sweeping, a must for the big power sweep.

Stocked in 12 different colours, 2 different shaft width sizes.


Hardline Tru Grip Gloves

These Uni-sex gloves are on of Hardline’s newer products, as if you didn’t have enough grip for power sweeping with the brushes Power-Rib grip technology, these gloves will make you stick to the brush with the coating on the palms. Slim fitting to your hand, you will barely notice that you’re wearing gloves!


Available in sizes XS-XL





Hardline M-Series Shoes

Hardline is all about creating lightweight and useable equipment. And that continues with these M-Series Shoes, they are lightweight, flexible and breathable, almost like wearing a trainer on the ice. The shoe features Asham’s disc system, meaning that these shoes are customisable to your needs- left footer, right footer, thick or thin slider, or 2 gripper shoes.


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