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Supplier of the Week: Goldline

Throughout August BCS are promoting our fantastic curling equipment suppliers. Every week we will focus on 1 of our 4 main suppliers and let you know about their top products and the great work that they are doing. If any of the products catch your eye, pop onto our website to order or get in touch with us to enquire.



Goldline are a long term partner of BCS, who have supported many of our ventures, including providing some of our teams and customers with equipment throughout the years. Most recently, Goldline supported 2 athletes that were travelling with the Matt Murdoch Curling Foundation to the Trillium Curling Camp in Canada. Callie, Katie and Frazer (coach) were all supplied with a broom each to use at the camp.


Frazer thoroughly enjoyed meeting Andrew (Vice President, Goldline) and putting a face to the name, following a strong partnership with him over the past few years.


Goldline are great supporters of the curling community, shown through their recent product release of “Pride” and “UnitedWeCurl” brushes. We love that the Goldline brand promotes quality and we are proud to stock their products.


Goldline Momentum Dash Shoes

Brand new to the market this season, Goldline’s new Momentum Shoe range is sure to be a favourite. The shoe offers ultimate comfort with an upgraded insole to offer arch support and unmatched padding. The outer sole adds to the comfort of the shoe, providing flexibility to the foot and ankle whilst still providing lateral support.

The momentum shoe range features Velcro slider technology, enabling curlers to personalise the shoe to their needs: preferred throwing hand and slider speed/thickness.




The Momentum range is available in 3 different colours; Black, Blue and Red






Goldline Carbon Fiber Impact Broom

Newly released last season, the broom is light and stiff due to the Carbon Fiber shaft, making it easier to sweep efficiently and effectively. The shaft also features a new Grip Technology on the lower third of the brush, meaning that your lower hand will remain locked in place whilst sweeping, helping your grip strength.

The clever design of the Impact Broom ensures its longevity- each component part is replaceable. Meaning you reduce your environmental impact and also keep your money in your pocket, rather than replacing the whole broom!

Pair the impact broom with the Impact Sleeve and you’re sure to sweep your opponents off their feet!


Goldline Impact Sleeve

The Impact Sleeve pairs perfectly with the impact broom and is consistent with the message; environmentally friendly. Change your brush pad with the clever sleeve technology, rather than replacing the whole brush pad, again, cheaper and environmentally friendly!

The impact sleeve’s vigorous testing revealed that the pad is excellent for carry, hold and carve, making the brush a great all rounder.


Choose between a WCF approved sleeve or a “rec” sleeve.


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