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Supplier of the Week: BalancePlus

Throughout August BCS are promoting our fantastic curling equipment suppliers. Every week we will focus on 1 of our 4 main suppliers and let you know about their top products and the great work that they are doing. If any of the products catch your eye, pop onto our website to order or get in touch with us to enquire.



BalancePlus have a history of being one of the world’s most reputable curling equipment suppliers since 1995, when they first created the BalancePlus Slider. BalancePlus shoes are known for their longevity and quality, helping curlers slide further, faster and be more balanced in their curling slides. Their founder, Lino DI Iorio (1948-2023) was dedicated to improving the game of curling and contributed to the beginning of video analysis and the 9 rock throwing marching. BalancePlus have played an integral part of the modernisation of curling across the world.


BalancePlus 904 Shoes

A brand new shoe to the market last season, BalancePlus have combined their Delux and 700 Series Shoe. This new design is ultralight weight, flexible and durable making it a great option for the regular curler. The design features the popular lace cover, to ensure no dragging on the ice of your trailing foot. Our favourite part of the shoe is the 1/4 inch slider, the original Delux slider, allowing you to slide fast and far with less effort! The full leather shoe gives excellent longevity and stability. We think this shoe really is a winner!


BalancePlus LiteSpeed Gloves

Typical of BalancePlus, these gloves offer great versatility with 3 different options;

Unlined Gloves – provide you with superior grip while keeping your hands cool.
Partially Lined Gloves – have some lining for added warmth while providing superior grip.
Fully Lined Gloves – provide the most warmth while providing superior grip.

With grip pads for extra power whilst sweeping, these pair great with the grip technology on the LiteSpeed brush. The gloves are available in a variety of sizes in Men’s and Women’s. These gloves are a strong favourite of BCS’s entire product range!


BalancePlus LiteSpeed Brush with RS Head

The lightest brush on the market makes sweeping fast as easy as it’s ever been! The LiteSpeed brush features a clever tapered design, with the shaft being thicker at the bottom to prevent hands slipping during sweeping. Additionally, the brush also has enhanced grip coating to help your hands stay in place for maximum downward force whilst sweeping.

BCS are now stocking BalancePlus’ most recent brush head addition- the RS, available in 7 or 9 inch. The RS head allows for maximum customisation, with a large range of pads available to fit the head. Wether WCF approved, or a more abrasive material for club curling, we’ve got you covered!




Brush Shaft available in 16 different colour ways

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