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We Need To Heat Our Tyres Too!

This week we are continuing on with the safety theme to keep you all on your feet! We thought we’d give you some tips on how to keep your new or old curling shoes as grippy as possible (except for your slider sole!!)

Last week we posted about slippy grippers and how to notice their wear. The same rules apply to your grippy shoe, if you start to see signs of wear on your grippy shoe, it’s time to replace it. Signs of wear could be;

  • Rubber starting to peel away
  • A shiny look to the rubber
  • A flat surface on the bottom, rather than the almost pebble like original

However, not all grippy shoes that have become slippy are a “lost cause”! Have you ever noticed that your new pair of curling shoes don’t grip much when you first wear them?

When the rubber sits for a long time without heat in it, ie new shoes or shoes that haven’t been used over the summer they can become hard and therefore super slippy.

To overcome this we advise a couple of precautionary measures that you can take before stepping onto the ice;

  • Always keep shoes in a warm environment, for example in your house. DO NOT leave them in your cold car in between games, especially in the winter!
  • When using new shoes or your shoes for the first time these season leave them on a heater for 5 minutes, this will heat the rubber up and make it become softer. For those Formula 1 fans, the principle is the same as heating up your tyres- hot tyres/rubber=more grip
  • If you have left your shoes in the car overnight you can also use the above tip


If you need a hand deciding whether you need a new pair of shoes or sole, give us a shout via email, phone call or our socials, we are always happy to help!


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