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KA1 gives a hand to Hillhead Primary

Our partner company KA1 teamed up with Hillhead Primary School to provide their pupils with t-shirts for sporting events. KA1 designed, produced and donated 14 t-shirts to the primary school to enable the pupils to feel part of a group when they are participating within events outside of the school.


Lorraine Bannister from Hillhead Primary School, Kilmarnock, told us about how useful the t-shirts have been to the school;

“The t-shirts have been really useful to the school as it means that when we take groups of children to sporting events they all feel the same and don’t have to worry about appropriate tops to wear. It also gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel part of a team. They are also great as staff can easily identify pupils within groups of other children”

“We would highly recommend KA1 to others, they have been nothing but helpful and generous to our children and we can’t thank them enough for their kindness.”


If you would like to invest in some clothing to enable your team, association or work team to come together and be recognised as a group we would be delighted to help. Designs can be as simple or as intricate as you would like and printed on almost any garment you would like. Get in touch with us today to discuss or visit our website at Ka1clothing.co.uk






Pictured: Barbara Morton (BCS & KA1 Operations Manager) and Lorna Reid (Hillhead Primary School)

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