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Where Have We Been?

Welcome to our brand new blog: Braw Curling Suggestions. I will be using this blog as a means of interacting with our customers and providing you with our expert(s) thoughts, knowledge and advice on the products that we stock (all opinions will be our own!). At times I will also write about other aspects of our great roaring game; fitness, clubs, matches, sweeping… If you, our readers, would like to hear from any of our experts on a curling subject in one of our future blog posts please let us know!

For our first blog I thought it would be great to hear from our leader himself, Tom Pendreigh. I spoke with Tom yesterday about British Curling Supplies plans for the season ahead.

Where have we been?

“We are heading into season 23/24 with a bang following a difficult time for businesses. We are committed to driving BCS forward and being the leading curling suppliers in the country. Over the next couple of months you’ll be hearing from us lots and we can’t wait for you to hear about what we have up our sleeves. We are looking forward to the new season with excitement yet filled with some trepidation too.

British Curling Supplies will once again be at the front and centre of trying to keep the sport alive and healthy. Our latest venture into clothing (Scottish Curling merchandise) will assist our governing body in raising some funds and provide high quality garments for members to wear and help promote the sport.

I am still very involved with the Scottish Ice Rinks Association, Ice Rink Manager Association and Scottish Curling, looking at ways to help increase participation for all our facilities. With the announcement from Ayr Ice Rink at the forefront of all our minds we want to make clubs aware of grants that are available which can assist with the purchase of equipment and support our venues and encourage new participation. We are currently providing one club with 60 brushes, cues and delivery aids thanks to the help of a national grant, we will share more on that in a future post. We are also looking to provide pop up shops and highlight facilities around the county this season showing our range of club shirts and jackets. If you would be interested in a pop up shop coming to your rink please get in touch with the team and we will do our best to come to you!

Whilst the new season’s equipment prices will reflect some of the significant increases in our costs we will be doing our utmost to keep these increases to a minimum in an effort to make products for participants as affordable as possible.

With Robert and Heather, who worked at the BCS shop, moving on we have two exciting new staff members on board to help drive the business forward; Sophie and Kennedy. Sophie is going to be helping us with marketing and general assistance, as part of that she is the main author of our new blog. Kennedy is helping Babs in the shop at Kilmarnock with stock keeping and sending all of your orders on time!!”

Braw Curling Suggestions: The Author
Following my step back from the Academy Manager role at Scottish Curling to focus on my own curling career I was looking for something to keep me out of mischief and explore my creativity… And I managed to land here with this awesome company filled with great people, and to continue working with the sport that I am so passionate about is a big bonus. So, you curlers and curling fans will be continuing to hear from me, however in a slightly different way than in the past! I look forward to it.

Scottish Curling Merch
We recently launched the Scottish Curling Leisure Merchandise range at the Scottish Curling AGM which was a HUGE success. If you weren’t able to be at the event please have a look at the range online here, you can order online or contact the team if you have any special requests.

See You Soon

We will be holding our annual shop opening day(s!) on the 26th and 27th of August, why don’t you come along and meet the team? We will have our full product range for the new season to choose from, our heat press machine will be in action and there may even be some freebie prizes, if you’re lucky! Stat tuned for further details…


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