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The Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Curling Men’s Championship final featured six times Scottish Curling Men’s Champion Ewan MacDonald taking to the ice with his team of Euan Byers (lead), David Reid (second) and Duncan Fernie (third) against David Edwards team of Colin Campbell (lead), Scott Macleod (second) and John Penny (third). It was a full stand for this afternoon’s final at Dewars Centre, Perth with supporters cheering on the two sides in the battle to become Scottish Curling Men’s Champions.

Team MacDonald started the game aggressively with a corner guard, looking to generate a two. It worked well for them with David Edwards hitting one but narrowly missing the double take-out with his last stone to leave Ewan an open draw for two in the first end.

With Team MacDonald having a centre guard in play and one lying open in the back 12 foot, David Edwards requested Scott to hit the shot stone; Scott missed on a tricky bit of ice and David Reid capitalised by drawing around the guard for Team MacDonald to lie 2. Scott Macleod responded by running the guard onto the back shot to remove both and the end saw an exchange of hits with Team Edwards blanking the end to retain hammer.

With Team MacDonald lying two split across the house in the third end, Team Edwards kept attempting cross house doubles which John Penny was eventually successful in making to clear the house completely. Team Edwards blanked the end to again retain the hammer.

Scott Macleod made a perfect double and roll behind the corner guard in end four to create the first real chance for Team Edwards to create a two. Team Edwards continued to place stones well throughout the end and David had a simple draw with his last stone to level the game at 2-2.

Euan Byers attempted come around with his first stone of the fifth end fell short and left two guards which play was then generated around. When John Penny marginally clipped a guard, Duncan Fernie drew for Team MacDonald to lie three. It was looking like it could be high scoring for Team MacDonald until David Edwards played a lovely hit followed by Ewan MacDonald clipping his guard in an attempt to remove the shot and then a hit and roll from David Edwards with his last. Ewan MacDonald played through a tight port to nose hit with his last stone to score 1 and keep the game tight at3-2 in Team MacDonald’s favour.

The sixth end saw Team MacDonald forcing Team Edwards to take one shot to level the scoreboard once again.

MacDonald final webWith a cluster of stones in play in the seventh, it was an exciting end which saw Ewan (left) trying to edge out an Edwards stone with his last shot to take two. The stone jammed and it went down to a measure for two but it wasn’t to be and the score line went 4-3 to Team MacDonald.

With three guards in play, both teams played an aggressive eighth end. Lying three shots against, David Edwards made a perfect hit with his last stone, swept all the way by Colin Campbell and Scott Macleod, to take one shot.

With Ewan’s first stone in the ninth end, he drew around to lie two but left it beside his own with a chance for Edwards to tap back. David Edward’s last stone was swept all the way and agonisingly for Team Edwards, clipped a guard. With the chance to score three and more or less finish the game off, Ewan MacDonald was slightly heavy with his last stone, scoring just two to take it to a nail biting tenth end.

With the title in sight, Team MacDonald (undefeated this week) weren’t going to make any errors in this crucial end although Team Edwards made it as difficult as possible with some great come arounds. With Ewan’s first stone, he lifted the two Edwards shots in play and with only one stone remaining, the Championship was decided.

On being Scottish Champion once again Ewan MacDonald commented, “It’s been a few years, so it’s nice to get back to that winning podium, I’m absolutely delighted. It’s been a while since I’ve skipped at the Worlds but I’m looking forward to it; I’ve got a great team, the three guys in front of me are playing superb so, just keep doing what they’re doing and make my job easy as they’ve been doing all week”.

Euan Byers, David Reid, Duncan Fernie and Ewan MacDonald (pictured with coach Tom Pendreigh) are 2014 Scottish Curling Men’s Champions and will represent Scotland at the World Championships in Beijing, China from 29 March to 6 April.

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Photos Tom Brydone.

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