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Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

Sponsorship Terms and Conditions

Thank you very much for your enquiry.

British Curling Supplies (BCS) are proud to support events and teams all around the country. Our aims are to ensure good strong levels of participation at well run competitive events throughout Scotland. For example, BCS were instrumental in sourcing the sponsorship for the Scottish Curling Tour which now provides every curler with the opportunity to compete with the very best curlers in the country at an event close to their home. BCS also support several teams at various levels of performance, helping them to reduce their equipment costs and giving them the opportunity to enter more competitions and devote more time to train. This is essential if you are to improve.

All these aspects don’t just help the teams, they also help the events which in turn help the facilities to prosper and grow to allow them to provide more opportunities for everyone to participate, and ultimately we hope our sport becomes stronger.

We receive many requests to provide sponsorship and this number is ever increasing. It is impossible for BCS to support each and every request to the level we would both hope and we are having to become more analytical about who will receive our backing, the responses we receive will largely determine the levels of support provided.

Whilst it is important for BCS to consider how much exposure sponsoring a team or event will offer in terms of value for money or the return on investment, this remains extremely difficult to quantify and evaluate. Our main goal is to provide a route for these teams and events to grow and develop.

BCS appreciate the exposure gained from our company logos being displayed prominently and proudly, but we expect our beliefs and aspirations to follow through in the teams and events we support.

Teams who get involved in coaching, helping at events and generally trying to make the sport grow are more likely to receive support from BCS than teams that do not put in this effort. Teams that value the equipment they receive and take some time to promote BCS will also be high on our radar. It is important that all teams and events promote our brand when opportunities arise.

Once your team has met and created a schedule for the year, perhaps you can let me know your ideas on how you will help develop our sport and promote BCS to a larger audience.

Teams, please respond with a summary of the following (bullet points are fine);

1. A schedule of the practice regime you and your team have agreed to commit to and the content of your main training events.
2. List of the competitions entered.
3. Any volunteer work you will be involved in (events, local club, etc).
4. What coaching you will be involved in such as try curling events, curlings cool, club curlers?
5. How will you promote British Curling Supplies?

Events please respond with details of the following (bullet points are fine);

1. The name of the event and where it will be held + a little background surrounding the event’s history.
2. Who the event is targeted at (juniors/mens/mixed) include a number of participants.
3. How many volunteers/assistants you believe will be involved?
4. What impact will British Curling Supplies sponsorship make to the event?
5. How will you promote British Curling Supplies?