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European Mixed Curling Championship

Germany, European Mixed Curling Champions 2013Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Scotland, EMCC 2013 silver medallists Photo: WCF/Richard Gray

Germany win European Mixed Curling Championship 2013

Germany are the 2013 European Mixed Curling champions after defeating Scotland 5-4 in the gold medal game at Murrayfield Curling Rink in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The first half of the game proved to be incredibly tight, with both Teams exchanging scores of single points, leaving the score tied at 2-2 going into the sixth end.

Scotland skip, Ewan MacDonald was light with his last stone as he made draw in the sixth end, to give up a steal of two points to Germany. Scotland hit back imMediately as MacDonald drew with has last stone to take two points and level the game going into the eighth end tied.

The German team of Andy Kapp (Skip); Petra Tschetsch (Third); Holger Höhne (Second) and Pia-Lisa Schöll (Lead), made the crucial breakthrough when, Andy Kapp made a draw to the button with his second last stone.

With his last shot, Scotland skip, Ewan MacDonald, was faced with an extremely difficult shot and in his attempt to move the counting German stone was a little heavy, giving Germany the one point need to take the Championship title.

Afterwards, Germany skip, Andy Kapp said: “It’s just great – a great feeling, we are really pleased with the whole team effort. We were a little bit lucky on one end and a little bit unlucky on another end, so it feels really good to come through that game and win.

He added: “Scotland were one of the best Teamsthroughout the week, we beat them once (in the round-robin) and now we have beaten them twice, which is a great achievement against such a good team.”

The Scotland team consisted of Ewan MacDonald (Skip); Kay Adams (Third); Euan Byers (Second) and Karen Barthelemy (Lead).

Afterwards, their skip, Ewan MacDonald, said: “We’re all really disappointed with that. You never go into the final looking to come out with a silver. It just didn’t quite happen today. We played well in some ends but just didn’t put it together and that was probably the difference at the end of the day. Andy (Kapp) made some good shots at the right time.

“They’re a good side, Andy’s got a lot of experience, they’ve been around for many years and the guys he plays with are good shooters, so you know you have to bring your A game to the rink to be in the mix with them. We were going really good, but let it get away from us in the sixth and that really turned the game for us.

“We had managed to turn the toss so were looking pretty good. As long as you score in six you are in a good position, but we ended up in a pretty difficult spot and had a tough draw to make against two and unfortunately caught a front guard, it over curled, so that was a big turning point in the game. But we dug in and that makes you feel a bit positive about things. I’m really proud of my team, they’ve played really great all week and stuck in there, and when the chips were down they really dug in deep and that says a lot about them.”

In the bronze medal game, Hungary made a crucial breakthrough in the fifth end, when their skip, György Nagy, made a draw for two points.

In the seventh end, Hungary emerged from a crowded house to steal two points, which proved to be the turning point going into the eighth and final end.

Finland could not do enough to level or win the game in the eighth end and conceded to hand Hungary their first medals in this Championship in their organisations history.

The Hungary team included György Nagy (Skip); Ildikó Szekeres (Third); Zsolt Kiss (Second) and Ágnes Szentannai (Lead).

Afterwards, Hungary skip, György Nagy, said: “It is a very good feeling. When we came here we wanted to win a medal. Hungary is not traditionally a big curling nation therefore we had to be optimistic, but now we have got these medals we can say we have fulfilled our plans.”

He continued: “It is very important for us to win medals. Already we have won the World Mixed Doubles Curling Championship and we hope that we can add men’s and women’s medals in years to come. Hungarian curling is improving – we are working a lot and training a lot so we can get better and better and hopefully win more medals.”

Gold Medal: Scotland 4 Germany, 5
Bronze Medal: Hungary 6, Finland 3 (in seven ends)

Final Standings:
Available here: http://emcc2013.curlingevents.com/Results

For more information about the event, visit:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/European-Mixed-Curling-Championships-2013/139984759506404
Twitter: @EMCC2013_Edin
Twitter Hashtag: #emcc2013

Posted on Wednesday, September 18, 2013 at 9:00am


Last year’s champions, Scotland return to defend their title with a slightly different line-up. Eve Muirhead is unable to participate this year due to Olympic training commitments, Team Scotland is Ewan MacDonald (skip), Kay Adams (third), Euan Byers (third) and Karen Barthelemy (lead).

Scotland are in Group A alongside Belarus (BLR), Czech Republic (CZE), France (FRA), Germany (GER), Hungary (HUN), Latvia (LAT), Poland (POL) and Romania (ROU) with their revised round robin programme scheduled as follows:
Sunday 15/09 21:00 POL – SCO Result POL 1 – SCO 13
Monday 16/09 08:30 SCO – GER Result SCO 3 – GER 6
Monday 16/09 16:30 CZE – SCO Result CZE 3 – SCO 8
Tuesday 17/09 08:30 FRA – SCO Result FRA 3 – SCO 7
Tuesday 17/09 16:30 BLR – SCO Result BLR 5 – SCO 9
Wednesday 18/09 08:30 LAT – SCO Result LAT 2 – SCO 7
Wednesday 18/09 16:30 SCO – ROU Result SCO 10 – ROU 2
Thursday 19/09 19:00 SCO – HUN

Daily reports and image galleries will appear on the event website, while the full playing schedule, team line-ups and live scores will also be available: www.emcc2013.curlingevents.com

For more information about the event, visit:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/European-Mixed-Curling-Championships-2013/139984759506404?fref=ts
Twitter: @EMCC2013_Edin

Twitter Hashtag: #emcc2013

Photo: © Ken Sinclair

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