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FG Air Brush by Goldline


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Goldline’s FG Air curling brushes are simply the most innovative and effective sweeping tool available for people looking for a low-cost curling brush with a stationary head. These brooms are perfect for beginners or anyone who likes the stability of a head with no rotation.

In terms of weight, the fiberglass handle is heavier than our Fiberlite composite or Carbon Fiber models, however the Air Head helps to reduce overall brush weight. As a result, even though fiberglass handles are heaviest option we currently offer, with the switch to the Air Head the FG Air Brushes are lighter than more expensive composite curling brushes with traditional oval heads.

The biggest factor that impacts curling brush pricing is the material used for the handle. Fiberglass is the least expensive, but heaviest option currently available. Composite handles are the mid-range option that strike a balance between weight and price, and 100% Carbon Fiber handles are the top-of-the-line alternative.

The Stationary Air Head features two all innovations: a spring lock system for quick head replacement, and a snap system that facilitates quick and easy pad replacement.

Each FG Air comes equipped with a stationary version of the Air head and Airway pad. The Airway pad is the evolution of the renowned Norway Pad. These pads offer optimal dependability and effectiveness for the recreational curler.

NOTE: Due to the sationary nature of the FG head, this broom design is not approved for use in WCF sanctioned events or events/leagues that require WCF approved products.

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