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BalancePlus RS Complete Head


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Attach a LiteSpeed RS Complete Head to a handle to make a complete curling broom. Available in 5 different colors: black, blue, grey, red, white with RS 7″ or RS XL 9″ sizes for desired results. Read further information on the RS system.

The LiteSpeed RS curling brush head allows for maximum customization by size and materials, making it the most effective brush on the market. Your BalancePlus brush can now include the WCF Approved RS faceplates in addition to EQ, EQ Plus, Sportlight, and WCF Approved eLite faceplates.

LiteSpeed Capture Piece – lightweight design, available in 2 sizes: 7″ and XL 9″.
Bolts – available in 5 different colour options
WCF approved RS eLite faceplate – available in 7″ or XL 9″ sizes.
Handle attachment screw

WCF Approved eLite
The WCF approved eLite is available in a WCF Approved Design and are compliant for use in WCF events.

Mandrel sizing:

The 23mm and 26mm refer to measurements of the outer diameter of the plastic mandrel piece that fits inside the handle. Please see diagram for more information.

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Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White


Reg 7", XL 9"