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BalancePlus Litespeed Complete Head


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Replace your current LiteSpeed Capture Piece or attach to your current brush handle. Benefit from the LiteSpeed head design and weight. Available in 5 different colours: black, blue, grey, red, and white.

Your BalancePlus brush can now include the WCF Approved RS faceplates in addition to EQ, EQ Plus, Sportlight, and WCF Approved eLite faceplates (not included).

The LiteSpeed XL 9″ head covers more surface area allowing better coverage while sweeping to ensure the path of the rock is cleared. This style of head requires more energy compared to the 7″ and is the preferred faceplate for competitive curlers.

The 7″ head is lighter and smaller making it easier to sweep at a faster rate.

7″ or 9″ sizes for desired results.
Lightweight design.
Allows for RS, eLite, EQ, EQ Plus and Sportlight faceplate attachments.

Includes capture piece only (bolts and faceplate not included).

Mandrel sizing:

The 23mm and 26mm refer to measurements of the outer diameter of the plastic mandrel piece that fits inside the handle. Please see diagram for more information.

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Black, Blue, Grey, Red, White


Reg 7", XL 9"