We have selected to work with Team Farmer for the 2017/18 Season, check out some of their information below:- 



Team Farmer will be competing in both ladies and junior competitions this coming season. The team consists of Beth Farmer who is from Kinross (skip), Kirstin Bousie who is also from Kinross (third), Katie McMillan who curls out of Stranraer (second) and Nicola Joiner from Forfar (lead). C:\Users\amybr\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Team Farmer.png



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Beth and Nicola both started of curling when they were only 7 years old gradually getting more competitive as they grew older. Beth and Nicola now 17 are both looking to take their curling as far as they can to the best of their ability and play at Olympic level. Katie and Kirstin on the other hand began playing when they were 10 years of age. Katie now being 16 and Kirstin being 17 they are both looking to push there curling to the next level as well and hopefully become part of an Olympic team in the near future.


The team as a whole have been accepted into the Royal Caledonian Curling Academy squad where they all hope to gain new skills and experience from not only their team coach Debbie Knox who is an Olympic gold medallist, but other technical coaches. C:\Users\amybr\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\Team Farmer 1.png


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Over the next season the team will be taking part in on ice technical sessions twice a month and team sessions once a month. Kirstin and Beth will be doing these at Perth ice rink, Nicola at Forfar and Katie at Stranraer. These sessions will be taken by an RCCC academy technical coach.

As well as on ice sessions we will be taking part in Team building activities and listening to talks from other athletes and important people from within the sport of curling. Not only do we need to train on ice as individuals and a team we need to build up strength and fitness by exercising. This includes going to our local gyms weekly to help improve this so our overall game is improving.


Check out Team Farmer's Social media page :- https://www.facebook.com/teamfarmer1/