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BalancePlus 500


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The 500 Series Women’s curling shoes feature an ultra-light, multi-compound outsole. The shoes provide stability while throwing, and flexibility for walking comfort.

Removable insoles (foot-beds) are provided in two different designs to help achieve the proper fit of each foot.

The gripper shoe has replaceable velcro pods for easy replacement when required. Full grain leather uppers for maximum durability.

500 Series Women’s Curling Shoes Styles
500: Grippers on Both shoes
503: 3/16″ (4.76mm) two piece BalancePlus Slider
504: 1/4″ (6.35mm) two piece BalancePlus Slider

Ultra-Light, multi-compound EVA outsole for stability while throwing and flexibility while walking.
Thinsulate interlining for added warmth.
Removable insoles.
Heel notch for easy fit in the heel area.
Full grain leather upper.
3 hole BalancePlus slider for flat-foot, toe slide, or tuck deliveries.
One set of Velcro gripper pods are included.
Gripper included.

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